Welcome to the personal website of the anthropologist Alban von Stockhausen.

Please visit the different sections of the site, to find out about my work in the Greater Himalayan Region and other areas. Most of my current and past research and exhibition projects are focused on South- and Southeast-Asia: the Naga tribes of Northeast India and Burma, the local cultures of Eastern Nepal and various ethnic groups of Southern China. I am especially interested in the topic of Visual Anthropology, material culture, ritual, oral traditions, medical anthropology and questions of archives and ethnographic exhibitions. For further details, please see my CV and the list of selected publications in the ‘About’ section. If you are interested in my work as a photographer and my personal photographic archive, please visit the ‘Photography‘ section of the website.

I am based in Bern (Switzerland), where I work and live together with my wife, the Anthropologist Marion Wettstein and our two children.

Nepal: Ritual Space Mimesis

In the postDoc project titled "Ritual and Space: Identity based on Ritual Landscape among the Rai of Eastern Nepal", the main research question was concerned with ritual landscapes and territories as perceived by the Kirat Rai communities in Eastern Nepal. In what ways are they defined as a sacred topography in myth and ritual? And how are they used in the formation of contemporary identities and relate to healing and other rituals? more info...»

India: Imag(in)ing the Nagas

My recently published dissertation project on historical photographs of the Naga introduces the two photographic collections by the anthropologists Christoph von F├╝rer-Haimendorf and Hans-Eberhard Kauffmann who both traveled among the Naga during the 1930's. Apart from an 'pictorial ethnography' based upon Kauffmann's work, it is also concerned with a general history of the visual representation of the Nagas. more info...»

Archives and Exhibitions

Apart from my current ethnographic research, I have been involved in various international exhibition and (digital) archive projects focused on historical collections from South and South-East Asia. Exploring the emerging field of Digital Humanities my aim is to further establish multimedia archives as research resources for the social sciences. Find out more about these projects in the CV section of this website. more info...»
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