Welcome to the personal website of the anthropologist and curator Alban von Stockhausen.

Please visit the different sections of the site, to find out about my work in the Greater Himalayan Region and other areas. Many of my past academic research and exhibition projects were focused on South- and Southeast-Asia: the Naga tribes of Northeast India and the local cultures of Eastern Nepal. As museum curator, my work focuses on the material culture of Asia, Oceania, the Islamic World and Ancient Egypt. I am especially interested in the topic of ritual and religion, visual anthropology, material culture, oral traditions, medical anthropology and questions of archives and ethnographic exhibitions. For further details, please see my CV and the list of selected publications in the ‘About’ section. If you are interested in my work as a photographer and my personal photographic archive, please visit the ‘Photography‘ section of the website.

I am based in Bern (Switzerland), where I work and live together with my wife, the Anthropologist Marion Wettstein and our two children.