Most of my ethnographic projects in the greater Himalayan region also included the visual documentation of the ethnic groups and regions focused on. Out of this work and my research projects in Visual Anthropology, a true passion for photography developed over the years. I wrote a PhD thesis in the field of Visual Anthropology and worked in several international projects on ethnographic photographs and image archives.

Since 2001 a large photographic archive of Nepal, Northeast India, Southern China and other regions in the extended Himalayas has been assembled. For most of the materials I collect, detailed descriptions are available, to make them usable for ethnographic research.

The materials on Nepal focus on the Kirat Rai of Eastern Nepal, their rituals, everyday life and environment. Some parts of the collection also feature other regions of Nepal like the Kathmandu valley, the Terai, Mustang, Nar-Phu, Solu Khumbu, Kalingchok and the Annapurna and Gosainkund regions. A selection of these research photographs is publicly accessible through the Himalayan Archive Vienna (HAV). Further parts of the photographic archive are currently being prepared for long-term, public archival.

Other parts of the collection relate to various research visits to Northeast India (Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam and Meghalaya). They focus on the tribal groupsĀ  subsumed under the ethnonym Naga, their material culture, architecture, everyday life and environment as well as topics of identity and multiple modernities.

A great number of my photographs have been published in various publications, ranging from scientific books to newspapers and teaching materials.